Clearing Out My Energy

1 August 2017

I have been feeling energetically smashed these past few weeks … lots going on with my work but that’s not the reason. Nor because of the ruthless and rigorous space clearing I am doing at home and in my office. All of this has impact on my energy levels … yet I am aware that this energy saturation is not just about that.

Today I had a session with my meditation/spiritual coach and mentor, Dorje. And very quickly I became aware that for the past 6 months, I have not been practicing what I know works to clear my energy filters.

Usually, I schedule a break mid-year for the purpose of reflection and letting go and restoring my energy. Not this year though.

Not because I don’t appreciate the need for such a break but rather because my insidious ego-mind has been at work reminding me that I have taken on a big commitment with this new brand and everything it entails; that I still have lots to “do “and besides, I am not that busy or tired that I really “need” a break. And thus far I have agreed with my ego-mind!

What I was reminded of in my session is that because of what I do, I am an energy filter for lots of people. (And other people are an energy filter for me too). This doesn’t just apply to me, it applies to you too because you are energy and you are always engaged in an energetic exchange with the world, regardless of what you do.

I learned a long time ago not to take on your stuff yet there is still an energetic impact doing what I do. And the way I can best serve myself and you is to regularly clear my energy filters with regular meditation, regular breaks to sit and BE and time out at least every 6 months where I don’t have to see anyone or talk to anyone or do anything. Swimming in salt water also helps.

When I don’t engage in my energy clearing practice … I end up feeling like I have been feeling for the past few weeks: tired and short-tempered; fuzzy brained; lack of motivation and creativity which ends up in me procrastinating and then getting into my own head about how “I should be doing x, y and z” even though I don’t feel like it. And on it goes …

The irony is this blog is one of the things I have been putting off because I had no idea what I really wanted to say and no energy for it anyway. Then in my meditation today, I realised what I want to share with you is this conversation, which could not have happened sooner because I didn’t have the awareness until my session with Dorje today. Neat.

My choice from now is to fully embrace my energy clearing process including taking a 5-day break to spend some quiet time away from my usual environment. So I have blocked out some time in early September and now just need to find a quiet place to go and BE … ahhhh I can feel my energy shifting already.

Love Lorna


  1. Andrew Simms

    Great post, Lorna. Personal stories are always so powerful. I feel less guilty now, on my second sick day in a row with (man) flu. X

  2. Susan

    What a great idea Lorna. And kudos to you for recognizing how you lost track of time for self care.

    I hope your holiday is rejuvenating and you get back on track.

    All the best to you.

  3. Judith

    A good reminder Lorna. I enjoyed reading this. I’m planning a country drive tomorrow with a dear friend and we will listen to an inspiring audio book. Get up in the mountains. That should be good.


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