The Change Room – Episode 7: Telling The Truth

The Change Room – Episode 7: Telling The Truth

Join me and the fabulous Suzy Jacobs on The Change Room Podcast. Today in The Change Room we dive into such an important distinction between ‘MY’ truth and THE truth. This episode rocks!

In this episode we’ll explore:

  • What we mean about THE truth vs MY truth.
  • The truth we don’t tell – that everybody lies and everybody knows that.
  • Telling the truth means telling YOUR truth.
  • That ‘MY’ truth is what I choose through my own filters.
  • The consequence of lying to ourselves.
  • The thing people lie about the most … their feelings.
  • The difference between having a reason and choosing.
  • The fact that you show up your best when you’re showing up as your truth.
  • How the concepts we are told in childhood are affecting our relationship with the truth.
  • The freedom that can be found when you tell the truth.
  • The profound concept that nothing can be changed until you share the whole truth.
  • Exploring the lies you are telling yourself.
  • Deep diving to ask yourself how you are truly feeling.
  • Practice telling the truth and see what happens – but careful to ‘not blurt and hurt’.

The Change Room Podcast

with Suzy Jacobs

I Can’t Say That

I Can’t Say That

Is a lie.

In fact every time I say “I can’t” … I am lying.

“I can’t say that …” “I can’t go there …” “I can’t choose that …” etc, etc.

The fact that I feel I can’t say that or do that or choose that is the truth. It’s not true I can’t … it’s true that I won’t because of how I feel. Yet when I don’t distinguish that how I am feeling is what’s actually stopping me, when I won’t own that I am feeling that I can’t rather than I literally can not say/do/choose … I am lying.

This form of lying is insidious inside my own head, in my relationships and in my world. I’d like to believe that I am always honest … and I have built a business and my reputation based on telling the truth … so here is my truth … I lie.

I lie by omission, by withholding, by embellishing, by exaggerating and sometimes just downright, bare-faced, telling a story that is simply not true. I do this because of how I am feeling. Sometimes I just can’t be bothered getting into an emotionally charged discussion so I avoid it by lying. And sometimes I get so enrolled in my own feelings that I forget I can choose how I want to feel, so I lie.

When I say I can’t do something, there is some truth in it if when I do not know how to do whatever it is I am lying about. However, the whole truth is: “I don’t know how to do that and I do not want to learn how to do that so I will say I can’t.”

Telling the truth all the time about everything to everyone is something I now accept is an aspiration … rather than something I “should” do all the time because I said I would. Letting go of that “should” has also freed me from giving myself a hard time when I don’t tell the whole truth, which means I am far more willing to tell the truth in the next moment. And I am also more willing to hear and receive your whole truth in return.

It also means being willing to feel whatever comes up and then being responsible for the whole … which means responding to myself and you until the energy shifts. And it does and it will, when I tell my whole truth and respond from love.

I can tell the truth and sometimes I don’t want to … and that’s the truth.

Love Lorna

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