Stop Taking Things Personally!

Stop Taking Things Personally!

Sounds so simple … yet so hard to simply stop taking some things personally, particularly when you know you are right!  The overwhelm of intense emotion is a sure-fire trigger for your nervous system to quickly head into “fight or flight” and with nowhere else to go, you shut down or avoid or placate or fight hard. Whatever the choice, the outcome is usually the same: not what you really want.

Well this is just another vicious and viscous cycle of “not-good-enough/making yourself wrong”… just another way your fearful ego-mind engages you in the dance of fear and down the rabbit-hole you go.

Yet there’s wisdom and resolution hidden in this gem of an oft-used cliche:

When you … stop … and get present to who you are and what is happening … when you … stop … and take a breath and remember that the feelings are not facts, they are just feelings … and you let them move through you without making up a whole lot of “not-good-enough” stories about yourself … when you simply accept, allow and appreciate that whatever is occurring, is occurring … when you stop taking what happens externally as meaning anything about you and instead remember that all feedback is simply showing you what impact you have been having in the world … you can then choose to change the way you react and begin responding with love instead.

It’s not easy but it is possible to move to a place in yourself where you can be with your feelings without becoming them, where you can truly appreciate the moments without automatically sorting everything into good/bad or right/wrong. A place of equanimity and peace. And as with all things you choose to master, it does require diligence and rigour and practice … a willingness to grow and change and do the inner work … and support to help you along the way, as you support and help others on their way.

Always the key is remaining mindful and aware of who you are – magnificent, lovable, valuable creative being – while you navigate your way through the human experience.

Love Lorna

Men are not disturbed by things
but by the view which they take of them


Enough Already!

Enough Already!

This month I find myself sufficiently aroused and suitably fed-up to speak out and speak up so please stay with me as it’s a bit longer than the usual offering.

As taxpayers, our leaders and politicians at all levels are employed by me and by you… in fact all of us are their employer. To sit back and do nothing is to tacitly accept that this toxic political culture of persecutor/victim/rescuer wrapped in blame and shame is ok. If someone who worked directly for you was behaving the way our leaders from all spheres of influence are behaving would you keep them on the payroll? Or say: Enough!

Enough I say to all the leaders of influence in our great nation. Enough I say to our Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, to the Opposition Leader, Tony Abbott and every politician in this country; Enough I say to the media owners, journalists, broadcasters and reporters in all media forms and forums; Enough I say to Business Leaders and all persons of influence.

Enough of the immature personal attacks and bullying, enough of your ego-centric grandstanding and point scoring, enough of name calling and cruel remarks intended to personally wound and hurt; enough of your wounded inner 3 year old running the show … enough, enough, enough!!!

I am sick of the game you are playing and I have yet to find anyone who thinks or feels that what is going on is ok. It’s not. The role models that you have become are nothing short of appalling … and we all wonder why bullying in schoolyards, in cyber-space and in the workplace is so very common in 21st century Australia. Well take a good long hard look in the mirror … the fish rots from the head down and as the heads of the various fish that make up this whale of a great island nation, you are rotting at a very fast pace.

I wonder if you have considered that your legacy may very well be that you were directly responsible for the transformation of our political and social paradigm from one of “A fair go for everyone, respect, loyalty and fair-dinkum mateship” to one of “Profit before people, spin before truth, deceit, betrayal, me before you and us against them”?

How sad you cannot see that what you are doing, out of your unconscious yet insidious fear of “not good enough yet”, is continuously making choices that are divisive, limiting and above all sourced in your ego-centric thinking far removed from love, compassion and kindness. You keep creating exactly the response you get out of what you give yet blame the other for being a mirror of your own thinking. You fail to see that you are the source of all the conflict and aggressive behaviour you experience and encounter. And as the source, you can choose to change your way of Being, thinking, feeling, and doing. Your humanity is slipping and it’s time to get real, open up, tell the truth and be responsible for the whole of what you are creating. Only you can choose and … you can choose.

Time to do something different. Time for a personal paradigm shift from Fear to Love.

How about it Ms Gillard? Mr Abbott? Anyone? Are you up for it?  Have you got the heart to drop your masks and let go of needing to prove you are good enough, accept that you (and every other human being on our planet) are fundamentally ok? Accept that you are essentially love in a skin bag of unlimited choices and start consciously choosing to BE the most magnificent you that you can be while you do what you do from love. Choose to really and simply start leading from love and truth and kindness and responsibility for the whole of how you show up and what you do, for the whole of what you cause moment by moment and the people of this great country will join you and support you in ways you never dreamed of.

That’s what I am doing by writing this piece. Telling my truth about how it is for me. And I want you to know that I wholeheartedly support you to BE your most loving self. I see you beyond the fearful stuff you keep choosing to do and I know you can BE who you are. You can.

All it takes is a new choice, a first step, an honest, open conversation free from attack and “staying on message” and spin and deflection and bullying, one real moment of truth could just change everything …

So, what are you going to do next? Who are you going to be from now on?

I’m going to hit the “send’ button.

Love Lorna
Your feelings exist to be felt, responded to and released … not recycled.

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