Being Selfish Works

Being Selfish Works

Does the idea of being selfish bring up a whole lot of feelings, thoughts and judgements for you?

When young, you were probably taught (as I was) that being selfish is “wrong’” and “bad” and therefore if you were selfish, it meant you were “bad” and “wrong”. Let’s face it, selfish in this context is not something any of us want to be accused of or known for.

And in your desire to be seen as anything but selfish – out of the fear of being judged as “not good enough” – you began playing the game of life from the victim-persecutor-rescuer dynamic, often denying your needs/wants/desires in order to be seen as “good’” and “right” and “selfless” because you put others first.

So how is that working out for you?

Taking care of others at the expense of yourself is not a recipe for peace or joy or fulfilment and it creates exactly what you don’t really want… the game goes on.

As with all things, the meaning you give to the idea of being selfish is absolutely context-dependent.

When you choose to be selfish from the context of I Create the Whole of My Own Reality, when you choose selfishly from a context of love, it means that you include your loving self in your choices to BE, Do and Have. It means that you are willing to consider yourself and your needs as well as considering others. It means that you value yourself and your feelings and your needs not at the expense of others but as well as. And it means as well as giving support, you are willing to ask for and receive support for yourself too.

Being selfish in the new paradigm means taking care of yourself first so that you can BE who you choose to be with and for others.

In the context of love, being selfish actually works … for you and for me.

Love Lorna

When I selfishly create the whole of my own reality from love
everybody benefits including me

Being Selfish

Being Selfish

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Are you selfish? What do you think about people who are selfish? Is selfish “bad” or “wrong”? In this video I discuss how selfishness is really about people getting a sense of self and if people actually created selfishly then the world would look different than it does today.

Getting Better Is Not An Option

Getting Better Is Not An Option

Your insidious habit of judging yourself and others is the super glue that keeps you stuck in your own process and in your life. The notion that somehow, some way you can do a bunch of stuff to get better (or that someone else can) is simply nonsense … at least it’s nonsense from the point of view of the paradigm of ultimate cause: I Create The Whole of My Own Reality, with love and wisdom always.

The idea that you (and others) are not okay the way you are and that you need to get better is a value judgement pure and simple. And value judgements are absolutely subjective and no more true than anything else you make up. When you agree with your own infernal, internal judge, chattering away about how you are not good enough … yet … there is always more you can do to get better … you are destined to ride the roller coaster of “stuff-esteem” and all the emotional blah-jang that goes with it. Not to mention how exhausting it can be!

Want to get off this ride?

Start by observing the internal dialogue and start noticing how quickly you want to agree with it … then don’t! Realise that the thoughts and feelings you have about yourself and others are simply that … your thoughts and your feelings – made up out of your filters – informed by your perceptions – occurring as a result of your value judgements and that they are no more real or true than anything else you can make up. Then make up some stuff you enjoy.

Choose to perceive everything and everyone through a filter of love rather than fear … choose to experience that you are okay and so is everyone else … choose to agree with the idea that everyone is always doing the best they can and what’s needed is awareness and compassion and love; not condemnation and criticism … choose to be your own divine self in relationship to everything and everyone, including yourself!, all the time. Choose to respond from love and enjoy the ride … !

Love Lorna

If you’re not all right the way you are, it takes a lot of effort to get better. Realise you are all right the way you are and you’ll get better naturally.

Werner Erhard

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