Inside Out

Inside Out

As I approach the end of another calendar year, I find myself reflecting on the year that has been and marvelling at the complexity and the simplicity both locally and globally.

There can be no doubt that this year brought a multitude of fascinating, frustrating and illuminating mirrors in the form of various world leaders and local friends and foes.

When I found myself awash in the sheer lunacy of what I was seeing and experiencing, the only relief I sought was to go within and ask myself one key question: “What would love do now?” Because any other location or any other question was not going to deliver what I sought … peace.

And that, my friends, is what I am taking away with me for my annual holiday with family. That the only true path to peace is within. There is no sustainable peace or joy or happiness on offer when I am attached to and hell bent on making my external reality meet my expectations. After many years of relentlessly going down that rabbit hole, I have discovered that if I truly want inner peace then I must go within and choose to BE at peace.

There is nothing I can control or make happen in my external world. No amount of persuasion will make someone feel what I want them to feel or do what I want them to do or be how I want them to be. And yet the divine dichotomy in the paradigm of cause is that I have created all of it and yet I control none of it.

When I remember I create the whole of my own reality with love and wisdom – always – I can relax and let go and allow myself to appreciate the complexity and the simplicity of the whole and trust that there is purpose in all of it. Then I get to choose how I want to BE in relationship to whatever is occurring and thus transform not just my internal state but also my experience of my external reality including how I experience you.

Just need to remember … I get to choose.

Love Lorna

Inside Out

Inside Out

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Life is inside-out and yet so many people are looking at life outside-in. Watch my video to hear how to have relationships and experiences that bring you great joy and deep peace and live your life inside-out.

Who or What Are You In Relationship With?

Who or What Are You In Relationship With?

When you experience difficulties or issues in a relationship (personal or professional) ask yourself this question:

Who (or what) am I having a relationship with … the behaviour or the person?

Most unresolved issues in relationship are caused from the former not the latter. and almost always come from you reacting to someone’s behaviour/s you don’t like. And when you are having a relationship with someone’s behaviour, you focus on what they are doing and having and how the relationship would be so much better if only they would change.

How’s that working for you?

Not very well I suspect!

When you focus only on behaviour and the need to change someone else you are on the slippery slope to nowhere you want to be. Look at it from the other point of view: How do you feel when someone reacts to what you do and expects you to change so they feel better? My guess is you do what most people do and you push back – either overtly by resisting and challenging or passive/aggressively by shutting down and withholding. Either way you don’t like it.

And there’s the rub…

No one does.

Peace and joy in relationship come from source – you. Focus on being who you are – loving, open, honest and response-able – in relationship to the other human being (rather than the human doing). Remember who they really are is the same as you – Love – (even though they don’t necessarily behave the way you like) and keep communicating openly, honestly, clearly, directly and completely until the energy shifts and love remains.

Love Lorna

The purpose of a relationship is to decide what part of yourself you’d like to see “show up”, not what part of another you can capture and hold.

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