I Choose Peace and Quiet

I Choose Peace and Quiet

As this year draws to a close, I – like many of you – have been contemplating what I want for Christmas.

What I am clear about is that I don’t need or want any more stuff. I have spent the past 6 months decluttering my space and my life so to fill it up again with more stuff is just not on … for me.

So what do I want?

I want peace and quiet.
I want to sit in the shade with a good book and no noise and just BE quiet.
I want to wake to the sound of birds rather than heavy road working machinery or leaf blowers or chainsaws or motorbikes or traffic.
I want to sink into the silence at the end of the day and feel quiet inside.
I want space to just BE without having to do anything in particular.
I want stillness and calm.

For the holidays, I am going away with my extended family to the south coast. There will be more than a dozen of us together for the Christmas week. There will be the usual cooking and preparation and gift wrapping and beach going and talking and laughing and just hanging out. Lots of fun and lots of energy and lots of people (and some animals too).

So how am I going to get what I want for Christmas?

Simple … I get to choose.
It’s my choice whether I experience peace or not.
It’s my choice to go to the coast with the family and it’s my choice how that is for me.
It’s my choice to feel quiet inside even when there is noise outside.

As for the silence … I have some earplugs so I can shut out the noise.
Or I can choose to let it wash over me without reacting.
It’s always my choice.

Love Lorna

Being More By Doing Less

Being More By Doing Less

As tempting as it seems to keep doing more and more and more … you may have already discovered that doing more doesn’t necessarily deliver what you think it could, should or would or get you what you really, really, really want.

From my experience what you (and everyone else) want by doing stuff is to feel and experience something specific … and because of this desire, you think if you just do more you will get to feel and experience more of what you seek.

And it works for a bit until whatever you are doing isn’t delivering quite the same outcome, so you do more or faster or harder or better or whatever you think will get you to where you want to be feeling and experiencing.

Yet there is a far simpler and more effective way to experience whatever you seek and it has very little to do with doing and doing and doing. It is grounded in the context of who you are Being while you do whatever it is you are choosing to do.

When you first choose who you want to BE and how you want to feel you can then experience what you have chosen no matter what it is that you are doing. This then frees you to choose to do whatever you know is the most powerful choice for you in the present moment. And the more you practice choosing who you want to be before choosing what you want to do, you will experience what you choose and what you seek.

When you choose to BE and then do, you will find that much of the distraction inherent in the “doing, doing, doing” context simply stops giving you space to create and manifest who you choose to BE and what you choose to experience moment by moment.

Love Lorna

Being Yourself

Being Yourself

Being yourself is not about doing anything in particular.

It’s about who you choose to BE and how you choose to show up while you do whatever you choose to do.

It starts with the awareness and acceptance that who you are is powerful, loveable and valuable … because you are. Not because you did or did not do something but because you are loveable and powerful and truly okay being you.

And then it’s about accepting how you show up, how you are perceived and received by others and choosing whether to keep showing up that way or make some changes.

Being yourself is about wholeheartedly embracing the paradigm of yourself as cause … that who you are is able to choose and respond and create and manifest whatever you believe you can.

It means being willing to experience the whole of your own reality from the context of being source rather than just from the product point who feels and thinks and reacts. By letting go of valuing yourself solely for what you do and your judgements about how well or badly you do things, you free yourself to value BEING yourself no matter what you do.

It’s about owning yourself, your thoughts, your feelings, your choices and all the consequences and taking responsibility for the whole of who you are not just the bits you judge as ok but the whole.

Being yourself is the most liberating choice you will ever make and it’s not for the faint-hearted … it requires rigour and discipline to stay sourced in love when the fearful ego mind comes calling … and when you truly accept yourself, being yourself comes easy.

Love Lorna

You are you. Now isn’t that pleasant?

Dr Seuss

BEING of Service

BEING of Service

I have just had the most delightful and surprising experience of BEING served … by a mobile locksmith.

My back door lock refused to budge … I turned the key and nothing. I started to feel a bit anxious … what will I do if I can’t get the door open? My fearful mind chatter went into overdrive … “I won’t be able to sleep tonight if I can’t get this door unlocked …” (Gotta love the relentless persistence of the fearful ego mind!)

So I searched my local paper to find a locksmith who handled emergencies.

Call #1:
Answering machine … scratchy, garbled message. I hung up.

Call #2:
A man answered and when I told him I needed someone today, he said “No way!”

Call #3:
“Good morning 🙂 … Mobilisation Locksmiths … how can I help you?”

I could hear and feel the smile in his voice and his genuine desire to help me. After explaining my situation, Blake said he could be at my home within 20 minutes, was that suitable for me? Yes indeed!

Blake arrived within 15 minutes and as I opened the door I was struck by his energy … he was fully present, smiling, hand held out to shake mine. When I led him into my dining room (where I was running a mentoring day for a group of three), he smiled and introduced himself and shook hands. Wow, I was already impressed with this young man and he hadn’t DONE anything … yet.

He got down to business and within 30 minutes had removed the lock, replaced a part, serviced it, restored the mechanism to full, smooth functionality and he also fixed one of the keys which was bent. I happily paid him and he left, thanking me for calling him.

What a joy to BE served by someone who gets the value of BEING present and open and willing to do what it takes. And he was. The whole experience left me and my group of three smiling and talking about his energy, his presence and his willingness to be of service … referenced at various times throughout our whole day.

As a result, I want to tell everyone about him and his service:
So Blake Cole of www.mobilisationlocksmiths.com.au this is for you.

Love Lorna

Our own self-realisation is the greatest service
we can render the world

Ramana Maharshi

So You Think You’ve Got It Handled

So You Think You’ve Got It Handled

Such a tantalising delusion!

So much heartache spared, so much fuss and aggro side-stepped, so much feeling not needing to ever be felt again … that’s the intoxicating myth of the notion: “I’ve got it handled”.

Every time you think: “I’ve got it handled” or “I’ve dealt with that issue/person/thought or thing” notice what happens … it always, always, always comes back … oft in a different disguise, yet those unacknowledged feelings still lurking within will be unleashed … again!

You see the process of becoming you is never done … never complete, never finished. No matter how hard you try to handle every “issue” that occurs, you will not (and can not) stop experiencing yourself in all of your full blown, messy, unpredictable, emotionally rich and viscerally dense humanness.

This is the human journey, the gig of being human is never-ending as long as you are in this body – in this polarised, paradoxical world we share. The choice to BE who you are is a process that is infinite, eternal and unrelenting. The notion that you can be “done” is just another example of the insidious fearful thinking emanating from the ego mind … not based in truth or love and certainly not achievable.

So what do you do now?

Relax … breathe … and remember the ultimate purpose of being human is to BE the most magnificent you that you can imagine moment by moment by moment. It is a process of BEING here now and doing whatever you choose to do, knowing that who you are is the source of all that you experience and you get to choose what happens next.

Life is not about handling anything really, it’s about experiencing all of it so you can choose who you want to be and what you really want without condemning that which you do not choose.

Love Lorna

The process of becoming human is never complete and never finished.

Robert Fisher

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