The Change Room – Episode 10: The Whole Whole Model

The Change Room – Episode 10: The Whole Whole Model

Join me and the fabulous Suzy Jacobs on The Change Room Podcast. Today in The Change Room we distill one of the most powerful models to be used within the macro model of I Create the Whole of my Own Reality. It’s the Whole Whole model.

In this episode Suzy Jacobs and Lorna Patten explore:

  • How the whole of me, creates the whole of my own reality.
  • Only 10% of what you create is conscious.
  • By taking responsibility you increase your consciousness.
  • How do I take responsibility for what shows up when it wasn’t what was planned.
  • What is the benefit of creating Z when I was creating X.
  • There is always a reason Z shows up.
  • There is nothing to be gained from being annoyed and pissed off by Z showing up.
  • The importance of not getting stuck in the elephant hunt of asking ‘why’ things happen, instead focus on asking HOW did this happen and what purpose does it serve.
  • It’s not about the quantity of knowledge, it is about practice and awareness.
  • Use this model for anything you want to change especially when you are not getting what you wanted. Notice the feelings and thoughts around this, and accept that whatever occurred you caused it.
  • Take the steps and see what shifts. Continue to practice this over and over again.

The Change Room Podcast

with Suzy Jacobs

The Niggle Knows Even When I Say I Don’t

The Niggle Knows Even When I Say I Don’t

You know what the truth is for you. You might not know all the content and detail and you DO know when something is true … or not.

And so do I.

Yet you and I both lie about it sometimes.

I say “I don’t know” when what I mean is that I am not yet certain of what I do know and in the absence of any tangible evidence, my fearful ego-mind starts the infernal, internal conversation that I really don’t know what’s true because I am feeling unsure. Which just leads to more uncertainty and round and round I go.

What I have discovered is that when I am presented with a “truth”, it takes about 2 seconds for the energetic response … either “yes” or “no”.

No ambiguity in the energy, just a clear “yes” or “no”. It’s very fast and when I am present and open and aware, I notice the response. “Yes” is very clear and the energy flows … and “no” is the niggle.

The energetic “no” response is simply my way of letting me know that whatever I am hearing, seeing, feeling, experiencing is not the whole truth. When I refuse to ignore the niggle, when I choose to pay attention and go with the niggle, I ask more questions, get more information, and seek to find out what’s really going on so I can respond effectively.

When I ignore the niggle … usually because I want to believe that whatever I am experiencing is the truth, I have to shut down the part of me that knows that something is not ok with whatever is occurring. I have plenty of experience of ignoring the niggle and reaping the (oft painful) consequences. And I also have plenty of experience of paying attention to the niggle and reaping the (oft pleasant) consequences.

As always in the paradigm of cause, it’s a choice.

So next time you feel the niggle … choose to pay attention and respond from love. Because you do know what the truth is for you.

Love Lorna

The Gift Of The Unconscious

The Gift Of The Unconscious

When you choose to embrace: “I Create The Whole Of My Own Reality” it means that you are choosing to BE the cause of the whole of your own reality. However, it does not mean that you CONSCIOUSLY cause or create the whole of your own reality. You consciously create everything that you are aware of creating. And I bet there is a fair chunk of your reality that you do not have consciousness about creating!

Yet you do indeed create it all with love and wisdom. If your choice is to live an authentic, fully realised and self-expressed life, then experiencing the magnificence of who you really are as cause then becoming conscious of your unconscious choices is crucial.

Here’s a few simple steps to help you uncover the gift of your unconscious … what’s really going on … when you find yourself experiencing reality you did not consciously choose.

  1. Accept that no matter how you feel about what’s happening, in the paradigm of cause, you did create it. And because you create everything with love and wisdom, whether realised in the moment or not, whatever is occurring is your creation and as such you can respond consciously and choose again.
  2. Accept that whatever is occurring is showing you something you have been unconscious of so that you can become conscious and respond differently, i.e., make a different choice. Ask yourself: “What is this really about for me?” and pay attention to what shows up.
  3. Accept that whatever you are feeling about what is happening, it’s not the truth about what is happening, it’s the truth about what you are feeling … not a fact and you can respond consciously. So breathe … and allow … and accept … and release.
  4. Accept that there is a gift in whatever is manifest and choose to become conscious of how you caused whatever is happening and it’s inherent gift.

The shortcut is simply acceptance of yourself as loveable, valuable, powerful and magnificent creator of the whole of your own reality … and that’s a gift!

Love Lorna

There is no coming to consciousness without pain.
People will do anything, no matter how absurd,
in order to avoid facing their own Soul.
One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light,
but by making the darkness conscious.

C.G. Jung

Stop Apologising!

Stop Apologising!

Wandering through the supermarket the other day, I stopped to wait for a woman with two small children to move so I could get past. When she noticed me waiting, she began apologising profusely. I told her it was not necessary, nothing happened that needed an apology but alas … it fell on deaf ears. As she hurried herself and her children away, softly muttering “so sorry …” I was struck by how often people apologise for things that don’t warrant the air time …

Just another insidious way the sticky “not-good-enough” stuff rears it’s fearful head and leads the way in your unconscious behaviours, actions and communication.

The need to apologise for every little thing is an automatic program that runs when you are not present, not mindful, not aware … and taking things personally. The incident in the supermarket is a very common example of what happens when we leave our bodies and forget who we are … and where we are. The need to apologise is more about wanting to be seen to be ok and feel ok than anything else. I know that you will probably argue that being sorry and genuinely apologising has a place … and paradoxically I agree … as long as you are clear about the context and intention. And when the circumstances genuinely warrant it.

Apologising when you become aware that you have caused pain, upset, distress, fear etc is a powerful way to acknowledge yourself as cause in the matter and will give you the next clear step to take in your healing and transformation.

That is very different to apologising for every little thing, unconsciously and automatically.

So stop apologising for showing up, for being you in all your magnificent, messy, human, imperfect perfection.

And next time you are tempted to say sorry … check your context and intention.

Love Lorna

Stop apologising for things you didn’t even do.



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