Want To Know What’s Really Going On?

Want To Know What’s Really Going On?

I have been wanting to share with you, what’s going on with me.

And so I figured the best way was to simply tell you in this post … doh!

I am having the best time right now. I am doing the work I love, with clients I love, the way I love to work, when I choose to work. Yes, there’s a lot of love in my day to day living.

And this year I have created lots of new opportunities to share my work with you and the world.

Yikes! A frisson of fear just ran through me. It feels almost surreal when I sit and reflect on what’s been happening … yet I can clearly see the moments when I have opened myself to ask for and receive what I want.

It started in 1983 when I realised I am here to share this paradigm of cause with the world.

Back then I had no idea that it would look like it does today. The digital revolution has changed everything and I struggle and resist keeping up.

The other day I had a realisation … I don’t want to keep up. I don’t really want to master every digital platform or be in 24/7 communication with everyone.

What I want to do is have meaningful conversations and interactions that make a difference to me and to you.

So rather than stick to my heretofore (cool word!) schedule of blogs and posts and bumper stickers and stuff … I will write when I have something meaningful to say and can’t not share it!

As for all the stuff going on … I am working with Suzy Jacobs on her podcast project The Change Room so watch out for it in your inbox soon. I am also creating an on-line training program to support coaches who are delivering my work to their clients and I am supporting another client of mine on a global project. So it’s all happening …

And I am delighted to share the journey with you.

Love Lorna

The Niggle Knows Even When I Say I Don’t

The Niggle Knows Even When I Say I Don’t

You know what the truth is for you. You might not know all the content and detail and you DO know when something is true … or not.

And so do I.

Yet you and I both lie about it sometimes.

I say “I don’t know” when what I mean is that I am not yet certain of what I do know and in the absence of any tangible evidence, my fearful ego-mind starts the infernal, internal conversation that I really don’t know what’s true because I am feeling unsure. Which just leads to more uncertainty and round and round I go.

What I have discovered is that when I am presented with a “truth”, it takes about 2 seconds for the energetic response … either “yes” or “no”.

No ambiguity in the energy, just a clear “yes” or “no”. It’s very fast and when I am present and open and aware, I notice the response. “Yes” is very clear and the energy flows … and “no” is the niggle.

The energetic “no” response is simply my way of letting me know that whatever I am hearing, seeing, feeling, experiencing is not the whole truth. When I refuse to ignore the niggle, when I choose to pay attention and go with the niggle, I ask more questions, get more information, and seek to find out what’s really going on so I can respond effectively.

When I ignore the niggle … usually because I want to believe that whatever I am experiencing is the truth, I have to shut down the part of me that knows that something is not ok with whatever is occurring. I have plenty of experience of ignoring the niggle and reaping the (oft painful) consequences. And I also have plenty of experience of paying attention to the niggle and reaping the (oft pleasant) consequences.

As always in the paradigm of cause, it’s a choice.

So next time you feel the niggle … choose to pay attention and respond from love. Because you do know what the truth is for you.

Love Lorna

I Can’t Say That

I Can’t Say That

Is a lie.

In fact every time I say “I can’t” … I am lying.

“I can’t say that …” “I can’t go there …” “I can’t choose that …” etc, etc.

The fact that I feel I can’t say that or do that or choose that is the truth. It’s not true I can’t … it’s true that I won’t because of how I feel. Yet when I don’t distinguish that how I am feeling is what’s actually stopping me, when I won’t own that I am feeling that I can’t rather than I literally can not say/do/choose … I am lying.

This form of lying is insidious inside my own head, in my relationships and in my world. I’d like to believe that I am always honest … and I have built a business and my reputation based on telling the truth … so here is my truth … I lie.

I lie by omission, by withholding, by embellishing, by exaggerating and sometimes just downright, bare-faced, telling a story that is simply not true. I do this because of how I am feeling. Sometimes I just can’t be bothered getting into an emotionally charged discussion so I avoid it by lying. And sometimes I get so enrolled in my own feelings that I forget I can choose how I want to feel, so I lie.

When I say I can’t do something, there is some truth in it if when I do not know how to do whatever it is I am lying about. However, the whole truth is: “I don’t know how to do that and I do not want to learn how to do that so I will say I can’t.”

Telling the truth all the time about everything to everyone is something I now accept is an aspiration … rather than something I “should” do all the time because I said I would. Letting go of that “should” has also freed me from giving myself a hard time when I don’t tell the whole truth, which means I am far more willing to tell the truth in the next moment. And I am also more willing to hear and receive your whole truth in return.

It also means being willing to feel whatever comes up and then being responsible for the whole … which means responding to myself and you until the energy shifts. And it does and it will, when I tell my whole truth and respond from love.

I can tell the truth and sometimes I don’t want to … and that’s the truth.

Love Lorna

Where Do You Tolerate “Harvey” In Your Life?

Where Do You Tolerate “Harvey” In Your Life?

The Harvey Weinstein expose currently dominating world news has triggered some of my own memories of encounters with men behaving in a sexually inappropriate or downright predatory manner in relationship to me … and my own feelings of shame for attracting such attention and “letting it happen”.

My reluctance to confront what was happening came from a belief that there was no point.
Men behaving this way was tacitly accepted as the “norm” … just stuff that men did for fun or to prove themselves to other men … ”boys will be boys” and all that. Just something I had to avoid or tolerate as a woman.

So I quickly learned to avoid and when that didn’t work, to tolerate and move on. Yet what lingered was a niggling feeling that although I was not to blame, it was about me.

With the insight and power of the paradigm I Create the Whole Of My Own Reality, I can see that I was (and am) responsible. And rather than respond by speaking up, I chose to react by shutting up. I shut up because I felt to blame, I felt wrong and I felt ashamed … so I shutdown.

By not speaking up, by not calling those men to account for behaving in ways that went from not acceptable to downright illegal and immoral, I was tolerating it … and them.

And that’s what’s going on right now in our fear-filled, fear-fueled world. Everywhere I look, I see people reacting out of fear and shutting up rather than responding out of love and speaking up. And all it produces is more of the same.

So I choose to open up and show up and speak up about the things that matter to me. I choose to stop tolerating the intolerable and respond from love. As for Harvey, I send him love and hope that he finds the truth he seeks so that he too can respond to himself and everyone he has impacted with and from love.

What about you?


Love Lorna

Be Honest

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